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Crew Member Spaceship Earth Hat
Crew Member Spaceship Earth Hat

Our Price: $9.95

Product Code: SPACECAP


With cell phones and the internet the world is ever more connected. We can see our small living sphere from space and we are alone, a pinpoint, out in the void. Our environment and economies are completely coupled. If something goes out of whack in one place it will effect something somewhere ells. We are all Crew Members on this our Spaceship Earth.
Only by working in an organized way can mankind work to create a healthy environment and achieve all that our species is capable of. Will our great intelligence prove to cause the early death of our species . We have mastered so much but we have used much of that knowledge to destroy ourselves and our environment. Perhaps it is time to realize we live on a fragile space ship and we are all crew members . May we all rejoice in the beauty of this wondrous Space-Time-Continuum.