3D Intellect Ball
We have the deal of a life time on our 3-D Intellect Labyrinth Maze Balls. Normally this item sells for $12.95, but if you order between now and December 31st 2019, they will be a mere $4.99!!! Order now while supplies last!!
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The 3D Labyrinth Maze Ball

The amazing 3D Intellect Labyrinth Maze Ball, Maze Puzzle, IQ Puzzle Game (158 Steps) is the perfect device to get your child's brain moving (or your brain)! The Intellect Labyrinth Maze Ball will improve coordination between eyes, hands and concentration in children as well as adults. Some of the 3D Intellect Balls amazing features are:

  • Made from eco-friendly plastic, non-toxic and completely safe for kids
  • Improves the player's perception of space and direction.
  • A big challenge to intelligence, patience and balancing ability
  • Helps children build self-confidence and learn to think and observe on their own

The 3D Intellect Labyrinth Maze Ball has 158 closed levels that will provide hours of fun time. For ages 6 and up.