The PEGASUS - Full-Motion Moving Wooden Model is an expertly detailed 3D wooden puzzle that is fun to build and mesmorizing to watch in action. This beautiful sculpture normally retails at $24.95, but if you order between now and November 30th 2020 they will be only $19.95 each. Order now while supplies last!!
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PEGASUS – Full-Motion Wooden Automata

Pegasus is a mythical winged divine stallion from Greek mythology. He is a the child of the Olympian God Poseidon and loyal servant to the King of the gods, Zeus. This automaton is a tribute to this widely celebrated character. As the crank is turned, we see the stallion charging and the wings spread as he moves forward. The motion depicts the graceful motion of Pegasus. A treat for all ages!

The Pegasus Wooden Automata is a detailed 3D wooden mechanical puzzle. The whimsical automata toy comes to life by turning the handle crank that sets the gears in motion. The model is deliberately left with a clear wood finish to inspire creativity. It can be painted upon with your favorite colors to add more character and beauty to the mechanical model. You may also leave it as is and enjoy the clean, pure and simple look of the robustly designed clear wood. The Pegasus Full-Motion Wooden Automata is creative puzzle for all ages!