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X-zyLo™ is the incredible flying gyroscope that has been thrown the length of two football fields! It's flight is simply unbelievable--the ultimate game of catch! Rated the best flying toy in a Christian Science Monitor field test, the X-zyLo™ has flown onto the outdoor recreational scene as one of the most exciting games of catch. It was invented by Mark Forti, a Baylor University student, and refined within the aerospace industry. X-zyLo™ unofficially broke the world flying disc distance record when it was thrown 655 feet. NASA scientists, renowned aerospace engineers and academic institutions have met with the makers of the X-zyLo™, the William Mark Corporation, and studied X-zyLo's™ fascinating flight technology, yet no consensus has been reached on how X-zyLo™ actually flies. X-zyLo™ has been featured on many television programs such as "Beyond 2000", "Science Times", and "Live With Regis and Kathie Lee" as well as in numerous national and international news publications including the Los Angeles Times, Success Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, and the New York Times

X-zyLo™ is an astonishing flying gyroscope that has fascinated people of all ages and intrigued scientists with its superb flight characteristics. X-zylo™ flies very straight and very far. It weighs less than an ounce yet has been thrown over 200 yards! A model plane or airfoil of the same weight and size will not fly as straight or nearly so far. Most planes and airfoils fly because of their shape (or aerodynamic characteristics). The reason that X-zyLo™ flies (its technology) is very different. It flies due to both gyroscopic and aerodynamics principles. One can learn a lot about these principles while having fun playing with X-zyLo™ and comparing it with gyroscopes and airplanes.

The technology that enables the spectacular flight performance of X-zyLo™ utilizes both aerodynamic and gyroscopic phenomena. The top and bottom of the cylinder give X-zyLo™ lift similar to that of a bi-winged plane, and the rapid exactly how the two interact. The interactions are very complex and there are different and conflicting theories as to what really happens when X-zyLo™ flies. How does X-zyLo™ fly straight when the principle of gyroscopic precession states that rapidly spinning bodies should turn at right angles when outside forces, such as gravity, are applied against them? Some observers say that certain aerodynamic forces affect the right angle turning tendency of gyroscopic characteristics. Others are not so sure. What do you think?