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Electric Wiz Buzzing Adventure Kits
Electric Wiz Kits

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Electric Wiz Buzzing Adventure Kits (Explorer U)

We absolutely LOVE these little kits because there are so many activities packed into each kit. In each Electric Wiz Buzzing Adventure Kit, you will discover the ins and outs of electricity by completing the kits unique activities. Spark your curiosity with 8 electrifying activities inside. Explore different types of electricity, how to generate power through electrochemistry, AC to DC conversion, and even electromagnetism. Build complete circuits to power: a car, a light, confuse a compass, a dimmer switch, and much more! Every kit includes a project booklet, tools and equipment for several activities. The booklet's activities are of medium difficulty, but you can use the equipment for many other science experiments and demonstrations in the future! Unleash the power of electricity through science and learning!

Contains: power switch box, thin wire, balloons, cloth, compass, plastic ruler, wires, zinc plate, copper plate, water tank, LED lightbulb, can holders, axles, wheels, propeller, motor, rubber bands, rubber tires, cardboard.

    • Discover the power of electricity by performing the 8
    • activities
    • Activities explained in the full color instruction
    • manual
    • Crazy Compass, Brilliant Bulb, Can Car, Bubbly Zapper,
    • and more. Learn about chemical reactions, static electricity, circuits,
    • and voltaic batteries
    • Ages 10 and up.