Zero launcher
As many of you know, we are sold out of our Zero Blasters. However, we do still have our Zero Launcher in stock! Our Zero Launcher has the same concept as our Zero Blasters, but has a different design. We believe it is more versatile and the Zero Launcher is the preferred choice for people doing special effects and putting vapor into bubbles. Normally we sell our Zero Launchers for $21.95, but if you purchase between now and August 18th 2017, you will get them for a mere $18.95. Buy now to take advantage of this great deal!!
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$ 21 . 95
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The Zero Launcher is the non-gun version of the Zero Blaster. It is a unique toy that uses a finger flick to launch beautiful vapor rings. Comes in Translucent Blue with LED light and 3oz of bottle of Super Zero Fog Fluid. 6 AA batteries not included.