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Zero Wizard Stick + AirZooka Combo
Wizard Stick and Airzooka

Our Price: $47.95



Zero Wizard Stick + Airzooka Combo

We have combined two great toys to make a SUPER TOY!!! The Zero Toys hand held fog machine, the Wizard Stick and the classic air blaster, the Airzooka combine to make beautiful vapor rings that can blow your friends hat off from 20 feet away. Watch as the gracefull vapor rings tumble through the air towards their target. You can see the properties of the vapor ring, also known as a toroidal vortex, progress as the rings roll through the air like a bowling ball! Fill the Airzooka with smoke-like vapor and blast large vapor rings up to 12'' in diameter 20 feet away. We combine all the fun of the Airzooka and Wizard stick into one amazing package!!!!