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Thunder Tube - Big Lightening Thunder Tube
Big Lightening Thunder Tube

Our Price: $29.95

Product Code: THUNDERTUBE2

There's nothing like the sounds that rumble out of a Thunder Tube, but the LARGE Big Lightening Thunder Tube takes this awesome percussion instrument to a whole new, enormous level. Nearly doubling the diameter of the original Thunder Tube, Big Lightning still replicates rolling thunder through the vibrating spring and canvas combination. The possibilities of sound creation are practically endless with the Big Lightning Thunder Tube. You'll have an incredible time producing alien noises or even a lion's roar. Just when you think you've reached your limit of generating new noises, you can look at the included "playing tips" guide for even more activities. Now you just have one decision to make, which Thunder Tube do you prefer?

How does it work? Grasp the Thunder Tube in the middle with one hand and let the spring hang down. Make the spring dance by shaking your wrist and the air comes to life with sound! The tube works like a drum being played by the spring. Sound waves are created within the tube and the waves resonate back and forth against the sides of the tube, amplifying the sound.