Zero Blaster Summer 2019 Sale Information

The Zero Blaster Summer Sale 2019

We are offering some serious savings on our new Zero Blasters this summer. Here are our Zero Blaster Summer Sale 2019 details:

  • No need to enter a code in the "coupon code box" at check out. Your discount will be applied automatically.
  • If you order 2 or more Zero Blasters, your price will be $22.49 USD each.
  • You may mix or match any and all colors. If you are ordering 1 Zero Blaster, your price will be $24.50 USD for any color selected.
  • Make as many separate orders as you please. There is no limit on number or orders you can make to receive our Summer Sale Prices.

We have added some pictures below to help make things more clear. However, if you have any questions, please email us at
Happy Summer Savings!!